CanChip Revolutionizes Cancer Research

CanChip revolutionizes cancer research with its cutting-edge tumor-on-a-chip technology, overcoming limitations in traditional models. By authentically replicating the tumor microenvironment, CanChip accelerates drug screening and cancer treatment development. Their expertise in designing tracheal tumor chips not only enhances efficiency and accuracy but also facilitates collaborations with universities, paving the way for personalized treatment strategies and marking a transformative chapter in the battle against cancer.

Our Vision

To revolutionize cancer research by advancing the field through cutting-edge tumor-on-a-chip technology, overcoming limitations in traditional models, and striving to create an efficient in vitro tumor microenvironment for enhanced drug discovery and development of anti-cancer therapies.

Our Mission

To be at the forefront of cancer research, CanChip envisions a future where the authentic replication of the tumor microenvironment on a chip facilitates breakthroughs in understanding the nature of cancer, accelerates drug screening processes, and contributes to the development of personalized treatment strategies. We aim to bridge the gap between basic research findings and clinical applications, transforming the landscape of cancer treatment.

Our Process

CanChip pioneers cancer research through its exclusive tumor-on-a-chip technology, designed to authentically replicate the tumor microenvironment by integrating 3D cell culture, microfluidic technology, and tissue engineering, we accelerate drug screening, understand tumor development, and facilitate collaborations with universities. Our goal is to transform cancer treatment by bridging the gap between research and clinical applications, optimizing strategies for personalized care and reducing treatment time and costs.

Our Technology

What We Do?

The development of tumor-on-chip technology is driven by a need to improve our understanding of cancer and develop more effective cancer treatments.

CanChip Boosts Cancer Research Through Strategic Collaborations

We are determined to communicate and cooperate with expert scientists in this field, universities, scientific and research centers, companies, and pharmaceutical factories to achieve our goals and strategies. These collaborations and the use of experiences are on the agenda, and we are interested in expanding our activities in this field.