The Symphony of Shadows: Exploring the Mysteries That Dance in the Dark"

We are determined to communicate and cooperate with expert scientists in this field, universities, scientific and research centers, companies, and pharmaceutical factories to achieve our goals and strategies. These collaborations and the use of experiences are on the agenda, and we are interested in expanding our activities in this field.

Open Position

CanChip GmbH welcomes any kind of cooperation and research in the field of organ-on-chip (OoC) and tumor-on-chip (ToC). By creating suitable opportunities and conditions, we can and are interested in providing a platform for any type of cooperation with universities, scientific and research centers, pharmaceutical factories, associations, professors, and students.


We believe that consulting and using the valuable experiences of professors and experts in this field can be very helpful and inspiring for us, so we are eager to use this case with full interest. We are proud that in the field of optimal marketing and commercialization of this technique, we benefit from the expert and professional advice of Mr. Dr. Clive.

Clive graduated with a PhD in in vitro dermal absorption followed by a post-doctoral position. In 1996, he joined CRL performing in vitro skin penetration studies, then promoted to Director, In Vitro Toxicology, leading the in vitro toxicology, genetox, safety pharmacology and advanced in vitro model’s teams. In 2021, Clive started a consulting business aiding clients in gaining adoption and regulatory acceptance of NAMs. Clive is the board chairperson for PeptiMatrix, board member of the 3Rs Collaborative and NC3Rs and Vice President of ESTIV. He is member of the Roundtable of Toxicology Consultants, American College of Toxicology and Society of Toxicology, a European Registered Toxicologist, and is a chartered biologist and chartered scientist and Fellow of Royal Society of Biology.
Dr Clive Roper
PhD in in vitro dermal metabolism and toxicology from Newcastle University


Fraunhofer Potsdam Company

Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology, Branch Bioanalytic and Bioprocesses IZI-BB.

The Bioanalytic and Bioprocesses Branch in Potsdam-Golm was affiliated with the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology on July 1, 2014. The site was initially founded in 2005 as a branch of the Fraunhofer IBMT and has since worked on technological solutions for biomedicine and diagnostics as well as for biotechnology and bioproduction.

The interdisciplinary team comprising natural scientists, engineers, and technicians develops powerful, analytical methods for the detection and validation of pathogens and biological markers besides processes to obtain, handle, and manipulate cells and biomolecules. In this context, the team develops applications for personalized medicine, as well as biosensors and detection procedures for the areas of agriculture and the environment, for a broad spectrum of substance classes. The site has the state-of-the-art infrastructure required for miniaturizing and automating biological processes. This includes various biosensor and biochip technologies, pipetting robots, and micro and nano-dispensers, besides many different rapid-prototyping procedures. A further special feature of the branch‘s facilities is the life culture collection of cryophilic algae (CCCryo), which serves as a resource for developing production processes for a novel, industrial bioproducts.